Family Therapy

Family therapy is counseling provided to the members of a family to support conflict resolution and improve overall communication. It usually includes all members of the family, or a select few who are relevant in a conflict and/or willing to participate. Generally, family therapy is purposed to help strengthen a family’s relationships, particularly during times of stress or challenge. 

A family may opt for therapy to help improve specific relationships between partners, or between children and other family members. Usually, there is a conflict or circumstance which prompts the need for family therapy. Divorce, financial issues, mental illness, substance abuse, addiction, or loss may be reasons for a family to choose family therapy. Whenever a family is going through stress, grieving, conflict, anger, sadness, or confusion, therapy may be a supportive option. It can be helpful to receive an outside perspective, as well as receive helpful evidence-based techniques for navigating difficulties. 

The goal of family therapy is to help a family feel like all members are on the same team. But of course, this is easier said than done. Every family gets into habits and repeat behaviors, many of which can work against the goals parents might have for their family. Family therapy can help everyone fall into alignment in terms of working toward a healthy family dynamic. It is important that prior to starting family therapy, therapy is communicated as an opportunity versus a fix to a problem. All family members are more likely to get on board if the focus is the positive result of therapy.

The intention of family therapy is to solidify bonds, and create a strong foundation of support that can sustain conflict, change, and hard times. Colorado CBT is a Denver therapy clinic offering family therapy. To discuss the possibilities, reach out to make an appointment!