Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility

If you’ve experienced a pregnancy loss or infertility you may find yourself feeling isolated, anger, depression, shame, anxiety, confusion, and grief. You may notice you’re able to “keep it together” until something reminds you of the loss or of children and then in a moment you unravel, tear up, or your mood declines. Feeling the emotions associated with pregnancy loss and infertility can be deeply painful and at times it can feel like no one understands your experience. Therapy can be a safe space for you to process the events and feelings associated with pregnancy loss and infertility. Several therapists at Colorado CBT have advanced training in perinatal, postpartum, pregnancy loss, and with infertility.

Pregnancy Loss:

Losing a pregnancy (whether it be via miscarriage, abortion, or medical necessity) is a painful and complex emotional experience in which many women feel alone. Some women who have experienced a pregnancy loss have formed a strong bond with their child so the loss is met with intense grief. Other women feel numb, wonder if they are bothered enough by the loss, keep the loss a secret, or second guess decisions made. It’s common for women to find themselves unsure of the future and scared to try to conceive again. Pregnancy loss is a significant event which requires one to feel and process their emotions. 


Many people wonder what it would be like to be a parent; they may even have an image in their mind of the pregnancy and future baby. When a person takes steps to become a parent they often imagine pregnancy occurring easily and are likely to ignore the possible faint whispering of “what if we can’t get pregnant?” When a couple experiences infertility their story, the way they thought they’d have a family, suddenly changes and it can feel unfair, confusing, and deeply upsetting. A person experiencing infertility may feel a wide range of emotions including anger, despair, anxiety, and grief. Therapy with a therapist trained in infertility can provide you with a compassionate, safe, non-judgmental space for you to process your experience with infertility. 


Whether you are addressing pregnancy loss or infertility, therapists at Colorado CBT are ready to support you by offering treatments like, Person Centered, CBT, ACT, DBT, and mindfulness. Get started by reaching out to make an appointment today.