Couples Therapy

In couples therapy, an experienced therapist helps a couple enhance their connection by navigating conflict and improving the satisfaction each partner feels in the relationship. Couples therapy helps a couple gain insight into the unique nature of their partnership. Working with a couples therapist begins with the therapist getting to know the relationship, as well as the background of each person in the relationship. If there is a major crisis going on in the relationship, the therapist may start with the crisis and work from there. 

Couples therapy generally moves through the following areas: the focus on a specific problem, treatment of the relationship (versus one specific person), solution and changed-based interventions, and clear treatment objectives. It is important to note that couples therapy is based around the health of the relationship, versus focusing on one partner as the “problem.” The experience of couples therapy is collaborative, and asks both partners to be equally accountable for the experience of their relationship.

Throughout couples therapy, both partners will be able to more clearly understand the sources of conflict and joy in their relationship. As they better understand what triggers conflict, they are able to better understand each other. Couples are able to change their habits and ways of interacting, which may have solidified over years of being together. These changes can bring new life, excitement, and fulfillment into the relationship.

Couples therapy can equip a couple with tools to move through all of life’s difficulties, on the same team. Being in a relationship takes devotion and top-tier communication skills. Oftentimes, therapy is needed to get both halves of the relationship on the same page. Couples sometimes wait until there is a disaster to try couples therapy, when the experience can actually be preventative. Couples therapy can be an asset of a healthy relationship, and may even be enjoyed!

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