Adjustment Issues

Adjustment Issues

When life changes, whether by choice or not, there are growing pains. It can be hard to adapt and adjust to what life throws at us. Particularly over the last two years, life has been chaotic, unpredictable, and stressful. Difficulty adjusting to these changes is not unusual, it is a common struggle, and one you can receive relief from. If you have encountered a big life change within the last 1 to 3 months, and are struggling to return to “normal,” you may be experiencing an Adjustment Disorder. 

Adjustment Disorder is defined by the DSM-5 as a response to a significant stressor in life. This big life stressor could be a pandemic, a breakup, loss, a recent move, a car accident, a career change, etc. The response could be depressive symptoms, such as lack of motivation to engage in activities you used to enjoy, low mood, difficulty sleeping, appetite changes, irritability, and hopelessness. The response could also be anxiety symptoms, such excessive worrying, restlessness, difficulty concentrating, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and racing thoughts. You could also be experiencing a combination of anxiety and depression symptoms. 

Treatment of adjustment issues can involve working together to establish new routines or structures, looking at why this stressful event was so impactful, developing new strategies to manage your symptoms, as well as managing the grief or loss that could result from this life change. 

The therapists at Colorado CBT are ready to support you through the changes you are experiencing in your life. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. We know things aren’t feeling great and you need someone in your corner to support and guide you. But these symptoms don’t have to be permanent, and through working together, you will see progress and your symptoms will become more and more manageable. Please reach out today to set up an appointment with a Colorado CBT therapist.

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