Our Approach

Colorado CBT provides therapy and psychiatry to adults, children and families. The clinic is oriented around effective, goal-directed, and outcome driven therapy. Our mission is providing support and measurable progress to our patients so that they may create the life they desire, and thrive. Our experienced practitioners use evidence-based treatments to lead the way. Progress is a natural result of methods backed by research.

The first step toward the changes that you’re dreaming of is booking an appointment with Colorado CBT. We know this takes courage. Know that at Colorado CBT, you will be met with a warm and safe environment nurturing of your opening and growth. Our practitioners strive to create a supportive relationship with you, within which compassion, transparency, confidentiality, and dedication are fundamental. This approach extends from our individual sessions, to our psychiatry program.

At the end of the day, our approach is rooted in evidence-based solutions. Why? Because they’re proven to work. This approach extends to your wellness, values, spirituality, relationships, sexuality, and lifestyle choices. Our patients enjoy that they conclude their sessions equipped with real tools to implement change. 

The North Star of our work is your ability to thrive in all areas of life. Through this work, you’ll find your inner compass to navigate through all of life’s ups and downs. Feeling lost and stuck can feel like a massive obstacle. It is our goal to support you to the other side, where you are empowered, intentional, and grounded in a meaningful life.

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