Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic therapy is a type of treatment useful for people experiencing a wide range of psychological distress, from anxiety and depression to panic and trauma. Psychodynamic therapy sounds intense, but it is intuitive, natural, and provides lasting symptoms relief. When using Psychodynamic therapy, the therapist and client will focus on what the root of the suffering is. The roots could be childhood experiences, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. These roots can work together to create maladaptive ways of thinking about the past, the self, or the world. While working together and using Psychodynamic therapy, there are three components of this treatment that come together to create healing.


Through self-reflection, you and the therapist will be partners in asking yourself the right questions. You will work together to learn what your inner thoughts, emotions and beliefs are and how they might be contributing to the way you are feeling. Additionally, you will reflect together on how your experiences in childhood could have helped form some of the patterns in your life today. 


Once you understand more of how you are thinking about and engaging with yourself and the world, you and your therapist can look at if those strategies are effective. If they aren’t effective, meaning what you are currently doing isn’t helping you feel better, you will look together at how you can make changes and how the therapist can support you in that change. 

Therapeutic Relationship 

Even for the most motivated of people, change is difficult and scary. Despite your symptoms, the way you live, think, feel gives you comfort. It requires courage and support to step out of that comfort zone. The relationship you have with your therapist is one of the most important parts to implementing lasting change in your life. You need someone who will make you feel safe while they ask you the hard questions, validate your emotions and thoughts, and help you make changes in your life. Without the trust and support of someone unconditionally in your corner, making change is difficult. You need a therapist who can make leaving your comfort zone a little more comfortable. The therapists at Colorado CBT know how important it is to be that support for clients embarking on this journey. We want to be partners in your change. Reach out today to set up an appointment, and request a therapist with experience and understanding of the Psychodynamic process if this stands out to you.