Online Therapy

While many people prefer therapy in person — online therapy (also known as telemental health) is an option increasing in popularity. Especially as the pandemic continues, many are finding that online therapy is not only the safest option, but incomparable in convenience.

Online therapy is conducted between a therapist and a patient, either through email, video conferencing, chat, or phone call. All methods of therapy that aren’t face-to-face, are considered online therapy or telemental health. Although the medium of therapy is different, you will receive the same quality of treatment and potent tools for your own transformation. The online format does not interfere with quality, whatsoever! It is important to note that though these sessions are remote, privacy and confidentiality are the utmost priority. Colorado CBT utilizes a special platform for all online sessions, so that sessions remain confidential. Our practitioners ensure that the environment from which they are providing therapy is also completely private.

The greatest benefit of online therapy is that you can participate in your therapy from anywhere. This is convenient if your home or office are far from our clinic. Participating in your therapy from the comfort of your home is often a circumstance which patients prefer, some or all of the time. With our modern lives, we do our best to make things easy! For an online session, it is important that you find a space in your home or office where you feel safe to share. It is best to create an intentional space that is both comfortable and private. You will get the most out of your online sessions if you have the same kind of privacy as you would in our Denver offices.

Colorado CBT also has a psychiatry program offered entirely online. Our psychiatry offering is oriented around collaboration, non-judgement, and listening. Work with our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner to determine whether medication might be the missing component to your healing journey.

Please note that until COVID regulations change, Colorado CBT is facilitating all therapy sessions and psychiatric appointments online for the health and wellbeing of you and our practitioners. Please reach out if you have any questions.