Adult Therapy

Adult therapy at Colorado CBT in Denver provides emotional, mental, and behavioral support for those ages 18 and older. Adult therapy helps individuals establish a healthy, autonomous and happy adulthood. Practitioners will help their patients work through areas of financial independence, relationship, career, health, social life, spirituality, and the like. Whatever is needed for you to thrive in your adulthood, is the subject matter of adult therapy. As you can imagine, the sky is the limit.

Being an adult comes with all sorts of emotions that are worthy of deep introspection and processing. All of us have a relationship with our past and hopes for our future. Therapy tends to both, allowing you to meet the present moment with your full potential. Through adult therapy, individuals are able to understand their purpose and find meaning in their lives. Naturally, being an adult also means navigating life’s unexpected difficulties. Adult therapy is the reminder that we don’t have to move through challenges alone.

Adult therapy helps individuals address common emotional experiences of adulthood, including anxiety, depression, relationship troubles, anger, chronic stress, and fear. The goal of therapy is to address these experiences to achieve a synergy of body, mind, and spirit. For many adults, working with the whole self is an unfamiliar experience. Thus, it is best to leave preconceived notions at the door as therapy begins, and begin as open-minded as possible.  

Colorado CBT helps adults who face any mental illness or health condition. Our experienced therapists work with you to create a nurturing therapeutic relationship which fosters support and accountability, simultaneously. We can also offer psychiatric care to our adult patients, if medication seems to be the right solution. Adult therapy includes setting goals and measuring progress so that positive change is being made. With adult therapy, you get as much out of it as you put in. Our team of practitioners is here to help you, and looking forward to learning your story!