The Gottman Method

The Gottman Method

Do you ever feel as though you speak a different language than your partner? At times, do you struggle to successfully articulate your emotional needs? Do you ever feel gridlocked in conflict, arguing over the same, perpetual issues time and time again, without making any real progress? If so, through therapeutic integration of the Gottman Method, we welcome the opportunity to help you develop skills to communicate more effectively with your partner and to better manage conflict in your relationship.

Based on four decades of empirical research by Dr. John and Julie Gottman on what makes relationships succeed and what makes them fail, the Gottman Method emphasizes a “nuts-and-bolts” approach towards improving clients’ relationships. The theory provides specific tools to help clients deepen friendship and intimacy in the relationship, to communicate needs and expectations assertively, to uncover strengths and vulnerabilities in the relationship and to develop the skills necessary to make conflict discussions more constructive and regulated. Through psychoeducation and implementation of techniques such as the Social House Theory, which identifies the essential foundations of a healthy relationship, and the Four Horsemen, which identifies ineffective communication styles used in conflict, we can help you to uncover ways to turn towards your partner instead of turning away. Collaboratively exploring concepts including emotional repair, building safety, deepening trust and increasing positive affect both in and outside of conflict, we can help you implement change into your interaction patterns as a means to build a more meaningful and purposeful life with your partner.

Learning to communicate your needs and to manage conflict effectively is an ongoing process, which can become increasingly difficult through life transitions. Whether you are looking to address ineffective patterns in your relationship for the very first time, or you are ready to fine-tune your existing skills, contact us today to speak with a clinician who can help.

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