Men's Issues

Men's Issues

Men experience anxiety, depression, trauma, adjustment issues, relationship issues, difficulty with intimacy, etc, just like any other human. But men are often left to face their struggles on their own. Statistics show that men are less likely than women to seek out therapy. There are a variety of reasons for this discrepancy, including gender stigma. Despite these gender differences in seeking treatment, men are just as likely, and at times more likely than women, to be impacted by mental health concerns, such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc. So, what we can take away from this information is that men are just as likely to be struggling, but don’t reach out for help. What we also know about men in therapy is that they are just as capable of making progress and seeing symptom reduction. Meaning, your experiences matter and we can walk down the path to healing together. 

Gender stigma in mental health is a real issue, as demonstrated by these statistics. Men have received messages from loved ones, teachers, coaches, peers, and society as a whole regarding how they are allowed to feel, what they are allowed to feel, and what “masculinity” means. Sometimes these messages tell men that their emotions are a result of weakness and lack of masculinity. 

Our practitioners at Colorado CBT are here to accept you as you are, and are equipped to be a teammate in the healing and growth from suffering. We acknowledge the difficulties men face when mental health difficulties feel insurmountable and they decide to seek out treatment. We want to hold the space for the messages you have received, and we want to guide you through the process of learning how to experience emotions, and how to heal from the pain and trauma in your past. Most importantly, we want to be a space where your emotions are valid and heard. 

Colorado CBT has therapists available now who are ready to support you as you navigate life’s challenges. If you are ready to enter the road to healing and growth, please reach out to Colorado CBT to schedule an appointment.

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