Choosing Life over an Eating Disorder

Choosing Life Over An Eating Disorder

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses. This is a startling statistic. IF ONLY quoting a statistic could prevent the development and enduring nature of eating disorders! But these are not illnesses people choose and it can feel very difficult to change course when you are actively living with one. In general, humans are adverse to … Read More

Values: What do I really care about?


What do I really care about? “Follow your passion.” A powerful message many receive growing up. But what if we do not know what we truly care about? We are inundated with messages about what we SHOULD care about; who and what we should give our time and attention to. Many people are balancing several relationship roles (i.e. family member, … Read More

COVID and Radical Acceptance

Covid Radical Acceptance

Living in a Pandemic For many, New Year’s marks a time to reflect on the past year while setting intentions and hopes for the year ahead. It is often viewed as a celebratory time in our culture. Oh boy, Denver – did we NOT see what 2020 had in store! Most of us did not enter the year believing we … Read More